Client To-Do List

Last updated 7/7/2024

  • FAQ – Send a list of common questions & answers in full or bullet points (SLS will rewrite)
  • EXIAS – Send Brochure PDF 
  • EXIAS – Send login for distributors
  • EXIAS – Send product image mock-up w/ vet and DiaSys branding if available (else Smart Link will create in Photoshop as a placeholder)
  • Mind Ray – Send new product details, images, brochures, etc
  • About – Leadership/Our Team Section – Send full name, title, phone, email, bullet points for bio, and picture for each person.
  • Exhibitions (Events) – scheduled homepage notification box – Send list of upcoming.
  • Use Cases – Product Specific – Send bullet points, client testimonials and images (if available) for each – tabled
  • About – Careers – Send job descriptions for open positions
  • Testimonials – ongoing, can we get one for BC-75R? (No Testimonials Now)
  • Images – Check if we can use the image from the University of TN
  • Review & Send Copy edits for all pages marked Ready for Review below
  • Client list for Go-Live w/ Full Name, Address, Email, Phone, and percent discount
  • Send Tier Explanations for responsVET910
  • Pic of regent
  • Pic of consumables/parts – Need new pic
  • Pic of person using respons910 or other instrument for About Us collage
  • New video for repons910 with updated contact information
  • Review/edit spreadsheet of SKUs and prices, return to me to upload
  • Send Tiers & Pricing for BC-75R Vet -ON HOLD
  • Payment Gateway – Stripe Account
  • Finalize Shipping – Integration with UPS or Zones/Rates entered?
  • Instrument Prices
  • Service Contracts per Instrument w/Pricing


  • Reagents – Do I need to list compatible instruments from competitors? Yes – Will get back to m.


Corporate/HQ To-Do List

Last updated 6/6/2024

  • User Centrics – Send Code & Implementation Instructions
  • Have all documents hosted and available at by July 8th, 2024

Site Pages in Progress

Last updated 7/7/2024

  • BC-75R  VET – Need pricing and tiers, removed testimonials (m) – ON HOLD



Last Updated 7/8/2024

SLS To-Do List

Last updated 7/7/2024

  • Registration Approval Process – Trigger and Approval
  • Service Contracts differ for each instrument, make this copy a product field and update the product template
  • Service Contracts need to be Separate Add- On Products (WwoCommer Product Bundles) bundle or add-on products)
  • PO Handling – Add Option PO# field  – (addition field)
  • Re-Occurring for Service Contract Auto-Renew – (subscription)
  • Pricing Legal Signing (Plugin Legal Signing) – Digital Product
  • Video to Montage change on About Us
  • HubSpot – Integration –  New Account integrate WooCommerce, Inquiry Contact – Will this take the place of QuickBooks?
  • New page for Instrument Instructions – PDF/download page