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DiaSys USA Calibrators & Controls for Veterinary Laboratory Equipment

Calibrators and controls are crucial for ensuring accurate and consistent test results in veterinary laboratories.
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Calibrators, or "standardized samples," are used to adjust customer tests and devices to a reference to make sure that everything operates within specified ranges.

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Controls monitor and improve the accuracy of test results over time, verifying the performance of calibrators, calibrations, reagents, and devices.

Using DiaSys calibrators and controls with your respons®910VET Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer ensures precise and reliable diagnostic results.

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DiaSys Calibrators & Standards

Bicarbonate Standard (6 x 3mL)
ß-Hydroxybutyrate Standard (3 x 3mL)
TruCal E (4 x 3mL)
TruCal Lipid (3 x 2mL)
TruCal TBA (3 x 1mL)
TruCal U (20 x 3mL)

DiaSys Controls

TruLab Bicarbonate (3 x 3mL)
TruLab Lipid Level 1 (3 x 3mL)
TruLab Lipid Level 2 (3 x 3mL)
TruLab N (20 x 5mL)
TruLab P (20 x 5mL)

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DiaSys USA stands out in the veterinary diagnostics industry due to our unwavering commitment to providing innovative, accurate, durable, and customizable solutions that are superior to those of our competitors. Coupled with our top-tier support services, we can meet and exceed the unique needs of our veterinary clients, from small offices to large research facilities.


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