Consumables & Parts

Consumables and Parts for DiaSys USA laboratory equiptment

DiaSys USA Consumables & Parts for Veterinary Laboratory Analyzers

Explore our range of consumables and replacement parts designed specifically for the respons®910VET Chemical Analyzer and the EXIAS e|1 VET Analyzer.

Using DiaSys consumables and parts ensures optimal performance, accuracy, and longevity of your veterinary laboratory instruments.

Browse our menu of consumables and parts below.

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respons®910VET Consumables & Parts

0.5 mL Micro Cup Adapter (4 Pack)
1.5mL Sample Cup Adapter (5 Pack)
10mL Tube Insert
2.5mL Sample Cup Adapter (5 Pack)
5mL Tube Insert (10 Pack)
Cuvette Segments (15/Segment, 256 Pack)
Halogen Lamp
Inside Waste Tubing
Maintenance Kit
Photometer Filter Kit
Powervar Security II UPS
Probe Tubing 2µL
Reagent Rotor Lid
Starter Kit
Washing Station
Waste Connector
Waste Connector Socket
Water Filter
Water Tank Connector Socket
Water Tank Tubing Assembly

EXIAS e|1 VET Analyzer Consumables

Cartridge 150 oQC
Cartridge 300 oQC
Cartridge 600 oQC
Printer Paper (5 Pack)

Our Strengths

Why DiaSys USA?

DiaSys USA stands out in the veterinary diagnostics industry due to our unwavering commitment to providing innovative, accurate, durable, and customizable solutions that are superior to those of our competitors. Coupled with our top-tier support services, we can meet and exceed the unique needs of our veterinary clients, from small offices to large research facilities.


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Our diagnostic instruments use proven, innovative technology to ensure the highest accuracy, efficiency, and durability.


Custom Solutions

We can deliver specialized assays, unique reagent formulations, and tailored support services to enhance your diagnostic capabilities.


Stellar Support

We offer unmatched support to ensure smooth operations, from installation and training to maintenance and troubleshooting.