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DiaSys USA is renowned for its high-quality laboratory instruments, diagnostic reagents, calibrators, and controls. Our commitment to excellence has earned us thousands of clients across the US and globally.

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I chose the respons910VET and EXIAS e|1 for my facility to have advanced medical, diagnostic, and imaging capabilities. My decision to purchase these technologies was based on previous positive experiences at UTHSC in Memphis. These instruments are essential for providing advanced diagnostic care to pig patients and supporting researchers studying mice and rats as models. Your equipment allows us to obtain extensive blood chemistry panels, including electrolytes, from low volume samples, which is invaluable to our operations. This capability is also integrated into training programs for medical residents and fellows. Overall, we are very pleased with the performance and impact of the respons910VET and EXIAS e|1 in our lab.

Randal Buddington, PhD | Professor of Research, Executive Director

The respons910VET’s open programming capability has been instrumental for our laboratory. Thanks to this feature, we were able to optimize the total adiponectin immunoturbidimetric assay, making us the sole provider of this testing nationwide for large animal clinicians. Additionally, the machine’s ability to run assays from the extensive DiaSys menu has allowed us to offer a wide range of tests without the need for send-out results, greatly benefiting our clinicians. We rely on the respons910VET daily for its ease of setup, result viewing, and printing. Notably, we have never experienced any breakdowns, and the technical support provided is exceptional.

Jeaneen K. | Lab Manager & Caroline G. | Research Specialist

The respons®910VET and EXIAS have revolutionized the chemistry operations at our state government lab, helping to further protect the health of animals within our jurisdiction. Their compact design optimizes space and efficiency, allowing us to expand testing capabilities while maintaining shorter turnaround times. With DiaSys Diagnostic Systems’ equipment, we are confident in the accuracy and quality of our results, supported by robust QA/QC mechanisms and exceptional customer care from Ruby. I am grateful for the transformative impact your products and services have had on our operations.

Gloria W. | Biological Scientist

Working as a Veterinary Technician in zoo medicine, we utilize the DiaSys respons®910VET and EXIAS e | 1 daily for routine monitoring of individual and herd health among our collection of animals. After using a variety of smaller analyte machines, it is obvious that the abilities and customization of the DiaSys respons®910VET and EXIAS e | 1 are superior in quality. We can create custom panels for different species, which has resulted in a smooth routine with processing such a wide range of samples. We have the capabilities of running anything from large hoof stock and ungulates down to small avian species. The team at DiaSys has provided a strong level of support and guidance with managing the learning curve of these new machines in our facility, and they have made integrating the new machines into our day-to-day a smooth process.

Madelyn A. | Certified Veterinary Technician

We use the respons910VET to gauge feed ratios throughout each life stage of our cattle, allowing us to make any necessary dietary changes. This enables us to detect and address metabolic abnormalities quickly, ensuring the well-being of our herd. As a result, we have the healthiest cattle, from birth through maturation and pregnancy, ultimately producing industry-leading milk profiles for Daisy Brand.

Bobby Londagin, MSc, MPH | Senior Lab Tech
AgLab Resource

The integration of the DiaSys USA laboratory equipment, specifically the response910VET and the EXIAS e|1, has significantly enhanced our diagnostic capabilities. These instruments have reduced our turnaround time, allowing us to provide same-day diagnostic results for clinicians and veterinary clinics. Unlike many one-off or unverified kits commonly used in research, these instruments deliver reliable and verifiable results, crucial for academic, government, and industry research applications. Additionally, they have provided valuable guidance in pathology findings for necropsy cases, such as investigating suspected Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP) in deceased foals and a recent case of suspected magnesium overdose in cattle. Furthermore, the equipment supports veterinary students in their education and skill development, with case results sometimes used as practical examples in veterinary school labs and courses. Overall, the response910VET and EXIAS e|1 have been instrumental in improving our lab’s efficiency and contributing to the broader educational and research missions we support.

Erika Lovett, MLS (ASCP) | Quality Manager/Clinical Pathology

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