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Erika Lovett, MLS (ASCP) | Quality Manager/Clinical Pathology | Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

The integration of the DiaSys USA laboratory equipment, specifically the response910VET and the EXIAS e|1, has significantly enhanced our diagnostic capabilities. These instruments have reduced our turnaround time, allowing us to provide same-day diagnostic results for clinicians and veterinary clinics. Unlike many one-off or unverified kits commonly used in research, these instruments deliver reliable and verifiable results, crucial for academic, government, and industry research applications. Additionally, they have provided valuable guidance in pathology findings for necropsy cases, such as investigating suspected Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP) in deceased foals and a recent case of suspected magnesium overdose in cattle. Furthermore, the equipment supports veterinary students in their education and skill development, with case results sometimes used as practical examples in veterinary school labs and courses. Overall, the response910VET and EXIAS e|1 have been instrumental in improving our lab’s efficiency and contributing to the broader educational and research missions we support.

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