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Madelyn A. | Certified Veterinary Technician

Working as a Veterinary Technician in zoo medicine, we utilize the DiaSys respons®910VET and EXIAS e | 1 daily for routine monitoring of individual and herd health among our collection of animals. After using a variety of smaller analyte machines, it is obvious that the abilities and customization of the DiaSys respons®910VET and EXIAS e | 1 are superior in quality. We can create custom panels for different species, which has resulted in a smooth routine with processing such a wide range of samples. We have the capabilities of running anything from large hoof stock and ungulates down to small avian species. The team at DiaSys has provided a strong level of support and guidance with managing the learning curve of these new machines in our facility, and they have made integrating the new machines into our day-to-day a smooth process.

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